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Articolo del 01/01/2008 Pubblicato in fotografie Letto 1182 Volte

difiorefotografi - Naples, Sorrento: Church and Cloister of S. Francesco. Wedding - Matrimoni

Via S. Francesco

The origin of the monastery dates back to the first half of the eighth century. The cloister’s architecture shows crossed tuff arches on two sides of the portico, stylistic expression of the late fourteenth century, replaced on the other two sides by round arches on octagonal pilasters. Moreover, it is important to underline the presence of several elements from heathen temples, like the three corner columns functionally reused. Beside the convent is situated the Church of S. Francesco which dates back to the sixteenth century. Inside it is possible to admire, in the first of three chapels on the right, a wooden statue representing the Saint with the Crucified, given as a gift by the family Vulcano in the seventeenth century.

fonte: www.sorrentotourism.com

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